This project is located 25 km NNE of Sandstone, WA, and formerly comprised one exploration licence (E57/590). Previous exploration by BP Minerals in the 1970s discovered surficial carnotite-style mineralisation in calcareous clays associated with the Lake Mason saline drainage system.

Aircore drilling campaigns by EME in 2006 and 2007 confirmed the presence of widespread uranium mineralisation and an initial resource was completed in 2008. An infill aircore drilling program designed to increase the level of confidence of this resource was completed in 2010, with 183 holes drilled in higher grade zones.

In 2010 the Company announced a JORC (2004) resource at Lake Mason of 9.1Mt @ 185ppm U3O8 (at 100ppm cut-off) for 1,689 tonnes (3.7Mlb) of uranium, with 62% of the resource reporting to the Indicated Category.

  2010 Lake Mason Mineral Resource Estimate (100ppm cut-off)


Category Tonnes (Million) U3O8 ppm U3O8 Tonnes U3O8 Mlbs
Indicated 5.1 204 1,049 2.3
Inferred 4.0 160 640 1.4
Total 9.1 185 1,689 3.7



Tonnes are metric (2204.62 pounds), figures may not total due to rounding. Significant figures do not imply precision. Both U3O8 Tonnes and U3O8 Mlbs are based on contained metal in the ground and do not consider any mining, metallurgical or economic parameters at this stage.

In April 2015, a retention licence (R57/2) was granted over the resource and potential future mine infrastructure areas at Lake Mason to enable EME to maintain tenure over the project until such time as there is an improvement in uranium market conditions, and hence project economics.