Energy Metals is led by a Management team with strong technical and commercial skills with previous experience transforming junior
explorers into successful mining companies. Brief profiles of the Directors are given below:

Mr Chen, Deshao
Non-Executive Chairman

Mr Chen has over 20 years’ experience in accounting and finance, especially in the energy industry. He holds a Master degree of Economics and has worked as a senior manager for China General Nuclear Power Group since 2004. He is currently the Chief Financial Officer of CGNPC-Uranium Resources Corporation.

Dr Xiao, Shuqing
Managing Director

Mr Xiao is a geologist with over 15 years’ experience in earth science and mineral exploration, predominantly in the uranium industry. He holds a Bachelor degree of Science and has worked for a number of mineral research institute and companies. He has extensive experience in mineral analysis, exploration, mining and project management. Mr Xiao worked for Energy Metals from March 2013 to February 2016 as a project geologist.

Mr Lindsay Dudfield (BSc)
Non-executive Director

Mr Dudfield is a qualified geologist with over 30 years’ experience exploring for gold and base metals in Australia and overseas, including close involvement with a number of greenfields discoveries. Member of the AusIMM, SEG, AIG and GSA. He is currently the Managing Director of Jindalee Resources Ltd.

Other public company directorships held by Mr Dudfield over the last three years are: Jindalee Resources Limited – current; Alchemy Resources Limited, from November 2011 to current, Extract Resources Ltd (currently known as Extract Resources Pty Ltd), from March 2012 to June 2012.

Ms Jan Macpherson
Non-executive Director

Ms Macpherson is a legal executive with strong utilisation of post graduate business management and corporate governance qualifications. She has extensive experience in executive management, legal, commercial and corporate governance.

Ms Macpherson has worked for Brookfield Rail Pty Ltd (“Brookfield”) as General Counsel and Company Secretary since march 2015. Before she joined Brookfield, she worked as a senior executive for various exploration and energy companies.

Mr Zhong, Yu
Non-executive Director

Mr Zhong has over 30 years’ experience in engineering and specialises in research and development of new engineering technology. Mr Zhong has a Master degree of Management and does not currently hold directorships of other public Australian companies.

Ms Xu, Junmei
Non-executive Director

Ms Xu, Junmei is a qualified accountant with nearly 15 years’ experience in accounting and finance. She holds a Master of Management degree in business Administration from Tsinghua University, China and has worked as a senior manager for CGNPC URC since 2013. Prior to joining the CGNPC URC, she was an audit manager of KPMG LLP.

Mr Zhang, Zimin
(appointed 30 June 2014)
Non-executive Director

Mr Zhang is a senior engineer with 25 years’ experience in the uranium industry. He holds a Master degree from Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology and has worked as a senior manager for China General Nuclear Power Group since 2008. He is currently the Chief Engineer of the Department of Overseas Business Development of CGNPC-Uranium Resources Co. Ltd.